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Exclusive Bonus:
Ranking Report Generator

Generate stunning looking ranking reports by just filling in the blanks. After that, share the ranking reports with your clients, show them results in advance and sign them.

Exclusive Bonus:
Offline Client Getter

This guide will help fasten up the process. Offline marketing is selling services to offline business owners. So, you could sell a business owner with a website possibly flyer design for them. And then print it out for them to use in their store.

Exclusive Bonus:
WP GeoIP Country Redirect

WordPress GeoIP Country Redirect plugin allows you to automatically redirect your visitors based on their country and a set of rules which you can define into wordpress administration panel.

Exclusive Bonus:
YouTube Cheat Sheet

YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. And is the the second most used search engine on the internet. And if you want more targeted traffic, YouTube is one of the online media that you can attract visitors to your website.

The question now is that how are you going to do it as you are not the only one using YouTube to drive traffic? Inside this product is a cheat sheet that will guide and help you how to dominate YouTube and attract more traffic than to your competition.

Exclusive Bonus:
WP Store Locator

Agile Store Locator is a premium WordPress Google Maps Plugin designed to offer you immediate access to all the best stores in your local area that you can offer Local Marketing Services too Using InstantAgency. The plugin can be used for stores listing, deals listing, hotel listing, real estate listing, restaurant listing, job listing and so on.

Exclusive Bonus:

Prorank Script is a tool to analyze websites to find weaknesses related to competition and make a suggestions to improve your website rankings. It also has a module for analysis of technologies used on the website. Prorank Script allows you to create a website in less than 5 minutes.

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