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Are you ready to become a video marketing Monster and Scare Up Some Business?

Get Instant Spokesperson and receive all my

The Exclusive Bonuses WIll Be Removed when the Countdown hits ZERO!

With our Instant Spokesperson pre-made, niche videos, you can INSTANTLY become a video monster, without ever picking up a camera, hiring an animator, or learning expensive software!

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Get Instant Spokesperson Today And Get All My BONUSES:

What is Instant Spokesperson?

Instant Spokesperson is a set of pre-made local niche videos for marketers to sell to their offline clients.

Each video features a professional actor that reads the script for the video

Each video features a script that has proven to convert 

Each video contains professionally shot b-roll (cutaway) images and video to support the subject

Each video leaves room for the marketer to brand the videos

Each video comes in three versions… One with music, one without music, and the raw green screen version to modify further.

Check Out Some Demo Videos


Exclusive Bonus:
Split Blaster

Exclusive Bonus:
20 Green Screen Videos for Local Niches!

You will get instant access to 20 Green Screen Videos for Local Niches!

Exclusive Bonus:
Video Editor

Today we are providing you with a video editing program that changes EVERYTHING!

Our new video editor offers the following features…..

Cross platform – Works for Mac, Windows and even Linux!

High-end features that far surpass editors that come with your computer

Features green screen, 3D text, 3 point editing, and much more!

Best of all… you get it FREE!

Exclusive Bonus:
Stock Music

Get Instant access to Stock musics

Exclusive Bonus:
Stock Photos

Get Instant access to Stock photos

Exclusive Bonus:
Stock Video

Get Instant access to Stock videos

Get Instant Spokesperson Now and get all my


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