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New Web-App Secures Page 1 Rankings For You in 24 hours or LESS By Identifying
UNTAPPED Niches, Exposing Your Competitors Weakness

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Have you Purchased a Video Creator Lately, but are STILL struggling
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Exclusive Bonus:
1000 YouTube views

We will offer you 1000 YouTube views that you can add to any of your YouTube videos!

Boosting your video views is a guaranteed way to increase your video’s ranking and exposure.

Instantly after getting MY VIDEO SPY, we will offer you 10 Blaster Boost Credits, that will allow you to add the 1000 views to any of your videos!

Exclusive Bonus:
AffiliateSpy Finder Update

We plan to continue making MyVideoSpy the BEST video ranking platform on the market. One way we plan to continue to improve is by adding our AffiliateSpy Finder update. This feature is going to allow you to quickly discover high-converting affiliate offers to monetize your campaigns with. This update will be ready within 60 days of our initial launch.

Exclusive Bonus:
KW Density Checker Update

This is yet ANOTHER powerful update that we’ll be adding to our platform to reveal even MORE about what your competitors are doing to rank their videos. This update will check EXACTLY what keywords your competitors are optimizing for and the % of times they’re mentioning these keywords so you can REPLICATE it and hijack their rankings!


Exclusive Bonus:
Keyword Bootcamp Training

As I mentioned previously, ensuring that you choose the RIGHT keywords is the FOUNDATION of any profitable video marketing campaign. That’s why we created a step-by-step keyword bootcamp training that will walk you through the EXACT type of keywords we target in our business and WHY! We even reveal the 5 EXACT type of keywords we like to target.

Exclusive Bonus:
LIVE 90-Minute Training Session

On top of an ALREADY amazing software tool, we’ll be going the EXTRA mile here and putting together a LIVE, 90-minute training session where we’ll be showing you EXACTLY how to hit the ground running with MyVideoSpy.

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and give us your transaction ID and we will send you the bonuses ASAP.

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