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Drag-n-Drop Your Way to Professional, Money-Making, Fully-Unique Videos in Minutes without Huge Price Tags or Steep Learning Curves

Finally! Build Marketing Videos that Get Results and Clients Will Actually Pay For with Breakthrough Cloud Creation Technology

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What Is PlayPix?

PlayPix is a groundbreaking drag-n-drop cloud video creation tool that lets anyone create studio-quality videos for any need in a matter of minutes with brand-new technology and no learning curve needed.

Our subscribers said they needed a drag/drop simple and newbie friendly video maker, yet could still allow the creator to dive deeper and customize every part of the video if needed to create pro videos clients will really pay for.

So, after a year of development and testing, PlayPix was born.

Drag and Drop Your Way to Professional Grade Videos 
in Just 4 Steps

STEP 1: Drag Pro-Quality Images or Videos to the Timeline

Search a gigantic library of pro-quality images or a big collection of video clips and drag them to the timeline editor to begin creating your video.

STEP 2; Layer Custom Voiceovers, Background Music, and other Audio

Then, layer custom voiceovers you record in PlayPix or import into the app, background music, or other audio behind your image and video clips. You can change the timing of any image or video clip to sync everything perfectly.

STEP 3: Customize Text, Fonts, Animations, Timings, and More

Then, add text, overlays, advanced pan/zoom effects, watermark images, and far more to any image or video you’ve added to the video timeline editor. PlayPix allows you to import and customize everything to make the video exactly how you want.

STEP 4: Preview, Render, and Profit

Then, preview how your video will look right inside the app and once it’s right, hit render. PlayPix will store your project and video inside the cloud server for no additional cost for you to use whenever you’re ready.

EXCLUSIVE Blaster members bonuses:

Bonus #1

VidAgency Ally

The cloud-based software that allows you to instantly find and contact hundreds of business owners who need videos and other marketing services and turn them into long-term clients.

Bonus #2


VidNeos “pre-ranks” your videos with our proprietary
rating system (based on thousands of other ‘viral’,
top-watched videos). And it allows you to make addicting
videos people just can’t stop watching…

Bonus #3

Videohub Pro

Videohub enhances your video marketing to result in more exposure, leads, and sales. We have created the solution that will allow you to get your videos online fast.

Choose from one our 20 beautiful templates, customize it to your liking, and automatically pull in your videos from YouTube, Amazon S3 and Vimeo

Instantly publish to Facebook, WordPress, your site, or we will even host your gallery for you on our servers.

Bonus #4

Video Lead Studio VIP

… Fast, Easy and Simple To Use!

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