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What is NEW in version 3.0?

In previous versions, they brought tools that help rank videos and websites on top of Google and Youtube for traffic.
By building backlinks as if thousands of humans are doing it for you.

And Now, With 3.0, they’ve Developed Features That Now Also Rank LOCAL Business In GOOGLE MAPS!

This insane new addition will drive traffic to a local business A LOT faster than any other form of ranking because a target customer will search for a restaurant or doctor, google maps will recommend the local business to them over everyone else!

This form of ranking is extremely powerful for local businesses and they pay $250 – $500 per month just for your service.

And these new features are just a few minutes of work.

This is a groundbreaking opportunity to make 5 figures per month recurring by helping businesses ūüôā

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“multiple Page #1 rankings on Google”
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-20 Web2.0 Backlinks-

There are regular Backlinks and then there are High Quality Backlinks!

Just ONE HQ Backlink can have the same ranking power of 100 regular Backlinks.

Our Private Power House of seasoned properties is our Secret ‘Source’ of Backlinking and ranking a web page or video on Page #1

We rarely open the doors and give access, but when we do its time to grab the opportunity!

Full details after purchase of RankSnap 3.0

Exclusive Bonus #1-MagicRankTracker

Discover an easy way to see where your site ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing – in a few seconds!
Time is too valuable to waste it on routine rank checks
Here is some good news for you :
– From now you will be able to check your sites position in top search engines
– Monitoring rise and fall in your ranking
– Keep track in your rank history
– Discover profitable keywords
– And you can do it within 5 or less minutes a day!
All this can be done with only one tool РMagic Rank Tracker Рone of the fastest and most accurate rank monitoring tool on the market.

Exclusive Bonus #2- WP SEO Track Plugin

Get a clear vision on what you NEED to start focusing on with your SEO efforts. Start more effective backlinks from Facebook, Twitter, Google and more.

You will get all of the most important stats that you need to know for your SEO web traffic. Alexa and Google PageRank to get the insight of how well your website is standing on search engines. Focus on the amount of shares you have on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and more.

Exclusive Bonus #3 – YouTube Rank Analyzer

Simply enter one or more keyword phrases and let the software find the best keywords to target for MASSIVE free traffic…
Know at a glance if you should target a specific keyword phrase or avoid it like the plague (too much competition, too little traffic or both).
With YT Rank Analyzer you can instantly find valuable keywords with poor SEO, high search volume and MASSIVE potential!

Exclusive Bonus #4 – SEO Keyword Mastery

Get Instant access to our SEO Keyword Mastery software.

Learn How To Find The Hottest, Most Profitable Keywords The Right Way, Learn The Secrets Of Mastering SEO Keywords!

  • Find out how to tell which keywords will be the¬†most profitable.
  • Discover the very¬†best free and paid tools¬†to help you find exactly the keywords you need!
  • Learn how to use keywords correctly, and¬†avoid the dreaded Google ban hammer!

Exclusive Bonus #5 – Blog Posts That Sells

How To Dramatically Increase Your Engagement, List Subscribers & Sales With A Few Content Tweaks. Learn The Secrets Of Writing Blog Content That Sells!

  • Find out how to figure out exactly¬†what type of content¬†you should be creating!
  • Discover the secrets to getting tons¬†more signups to your email list with just a few tweaks!
  • Learn how to make¬†more sales practically overnight¬†with these killer blog post tips!

Exclusive Bonus #6 – WordPress SEO 101

Get more search engine traffic to your WordPress website with proper SEO!

  • Uncover the secrets to¬†exploding your WordPress traffic¬†from search engines!
  • Find out which¬†plugins are essential for optimizing your WordPress site¬†properly!
  • Learn how to¬†determine if your SEO efforts are working¬†as well as you hope!

Exclusive Bonus #7- Native Advertising Exposed

Want to get more exposure to your Ranksnap sites? Use Native advertising to Get Massive Traffic in no time and increase your profits.

  • Uncover the secrets to¬†getting massive traffic¬†with native ad networks like Taboola!
  • Find out how why native advertising is the¬†perfect evergreen traffic source!
  • Discover the¬†proven strategies¬†the big boys use to get traffic day after day for next to nothing!
  • Learn how to¬†analyze successful campaigns¬†to get laser targeted traffic quickly and easily!

Exclusive Bonus #8 –¬†Review Blogging

Video course teaches how to build review blogs and profit handsomely with them. This is one of the ways Gaurab got started with Internet marketing. Learn how to find profitable niches for review blogging. Step by step guide to setup review site. How to write reviews that sell. How to get traffic to these review sites for profits.

Exclusive Bonus #9 – Content Management Systems

Regardless of the type of website you‚Äėre working with, you will always need content … and a way to manage that content!¬†Learn these simple strategies to make your profits with each piece of content you post to your site.

  • With a¬†sales letter site, where you‚Äôre specifically promoting one particular product, killer sales copy is the only content required.
  • Content driven websites¬†are a whole different story. Provide ongoing relevant information. And you‚Äôll be building the size of the website by creating additional subject-relevant and keyword-rich pages
  • For Adsense website,¬†content will always be a major factor in generating revenue and viewer traffic. Not just from the start but as a continuing process whereby additional traffic and revenue are achieved.
  • And much more…

Exclusive Bonus #10 – Easy Online Income Streams

A good majority of online incomes are easy to achieve and often they do not require much investment except for time and dedication. If you are looking for some easy online incomes then you can apply some of the tips from this guide.

Topics covered:

Developing Websites, B2B Marketing, Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, Rakuten LinkShare, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, LinkedIn, Blogging, And more!

Exclusive Bonus #11- Keyword Research Ninja 2.0

Escalate and Filter these Profitable Keyword Terms on the Internet Using Keyword Research Ninja Software! Unlike most keyword tools which just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with awesome keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, and Amazon!

Exclusive Bonus #12 WP In-Content Popup Pro

WP In-Content Popup Pro is a new plugin that lets you create attention grabbing popups within your content.

  • Trigger¬†in-content video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups¬†which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.
  • Add a¬†secondary content popup¬†that can contain optin forms, buy buttons, or social sharing icons.
  • Will help to¬†boost your traffic, sales and email lists.

Exclusive Bonus #13 – WP Copy Guard

Stop Your Valuable WordPress Blog Content Being Stolen And Copied Onto Other Peoples’ Sites¬†And Boost Your Traffic, Too! This product will protect everything in your blogsite and reduce plagiarism of your content.

Exclusive Bonus #14 – Backlinks Warrior Software

Discover An Easy To Use Software Tool That¬†Finds UNLIMITED Relevant Backlinks…With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!¬†Use this along with Ranksnap to multiply your results.

  • Get more backlinks faster using automation, so you can¬†radically increase your traffic and profits¬†without breaking a sweat.
  • Outsmart your competitors by using this¬†“secret weapon”¬†to gain an advantage.
  • No Previous Search Engine Marketing Experience Required!

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