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What Is Traffic Jeet 4?

The Most Powerful Traffic & Ranking Suite For YouTube Ever Made. 6 Powerful Components, In One CRAZY App

Find keywords, check stats, analyze other people’s channels and videos, Keep track of your rankings

The most comprehensive rank tracking application for YouTube. Tracks rankings for videos, channels and keywords.

Find the best keywords for YouTube ads and get really cheap clicks that get you highly targeted traffic from the right sources.

Take any group of keywords and instantly find out which keyword has the most traffic potential out of these using our powerful horde-analysis algorithm. Never target keywords that don’t matter again.

Often success is all about finding the right niche. If you’re in the wrong niche that’s over-competitive and doesn’t have enough traffic, you’re just wasting your time. Find the best niches with the most traffic potential.

Tap into the research done by other people. See what keywords and tags they have targeted. Let others do the hard work and just enjoy the spoils.

The Easiest Way To Rank On YouTube

Get Everything You Need To Rank At The Click of A Button

Fill in your core niche or keyword

Discover the best opportunities 
for traffic

Deliver optimized videos that
get you the REAL traffic

EXCLUSIVE Blaster members bonuses:

Bonus #1

Keywords Goldmine Jeet

Finds if there are videos on the front page of Google for any keyword and tells you which keywords don’t have a video on Google page #1.

Bonus #2

YouTube Video Tags Finder

The YouTube Video Tag Finder is a powerful desktop software that will let you grab the tags from any YouTube video you want. 

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Bonus #3

Quick Tube Checker

Find the bets titles and keywords from rival videos for your own videos. Optimize your videos in a matter of minutes and rank near the top.

Bonus #4

YT Comment Blaster

Start growing your YouTube channel on 100% complete autopilot!

The best and most efficient way to get more views and subscribers is to comment other people’s videos! It’s a proven and tested way to GROW FAST, and this SUPER BONUS will help you auto comment YouTube videos from your niche with just 3 clicks!

Get Traffic Jeet 4 Right Now And

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