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HOST, PLAY & MARKET Your Clients’ HD Training, Sales & Course Videos on ANY Landing Page, Blog, Shopify & Membership Site – Charge A One-Time Or Recurring Fee

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🥳😍Exclusive Blaster Bonus😍🥳 

iGramMachine is an Instagram automation marketing tool that creates meaningful engagement and authentic connections. It allows you to automate your interaction and activities with the target audience such as sending direct messages, schedule your upcoming posts, manage comments or likes, and follow or unfollow. It also makes use of targeting filters to find the right people for your content so that you can build a loyal audience and gain more engagement.

Value: $97


Exclusive Bonus:
Blaster ‘Secret’ Free Screen Capture Tools

Blaster ‘Secret’ Free Screen Capture Tools with video training. Perfect for creating Premium Explainer videos and using them in combination with Viddle.

No software, no fees, just quality videos that your audience or clients will love!

Value: $47

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Exclusive Bonus:
Free Video Editor

Access to a free video editing software with professional-grade VFX tools and everything you need to make awesome content, films or gaming videos. Perfect for beginners, film students, gamers, YouTubers or any creative without a budget.

Value: $67


Exclusive Bonus:
Rank your videos

As the digital age continues to evolve, one thing remains true – online video isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Video content is on the rise, and people everywhere can’t seem to get enough. In fact, video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. This video training will show you how to get your videos ranked on 1st page YT/VIMEO.

Value: $97


Exclusive Bonus:
3 Sales Video Presentation Template

Get 3 Done-For-You presentation templates that you can use for your business or for your clients. Each template comes with complete resell and Whitelabel rights.

Value: $97


Exclusive Bonus:

DigitMart is a fully responsive marketplace creator for digital products. It lets you create a marketplace where vendors can sell digital goods like eBooks, WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, PHP Software, Images, Graphics, Vector Logos, Fonts, and other digital goods. It is also based on a multi-vendor marketplace in which any author can publish their product to sale and on behalf of sales, you get a commission.

As we all know, the Digital marketplace has been trending nowadays and it is a popular business, earning a noticeable amount of money. So with the help of DigitMart, you can build a responsive marketplace of selling and referring digital products online.

Value: $147


Exclusive Bonus:
Stock Image Blow Out

Stock Image Blow Out is an enormous collection of professional royalty stock media. You can browse through over 1,500 high quality images and graphics which you can use to enhance your next creative project or for your client’s project.

Value: $47


Exclusive Bonus:
FB Amazon Store Application

FB Amazon Store Application is a tool designed for Amazon sellers that has Amazon stores and wants to get more traffic to their store products by making a presence on Facebook.

It allows sellers to list down their store items on their Facebook fan page and the app will create a new “Amazon Store” tab on the page. Then their Amazon Store items will be loaded to their Facebook fan page and their Facebook visitors will be able to see/buy their products by just clicking the same button on the seller’s fb fan page.

 Features Included:

  • Complies with all Facebook Terms and Conditions.
  • 100% responsive and works on every mobile device.
  • Supports multi language.
  • Custom headers can be added with the store.
  • Can grab a huge number of products from the seller’s amazon store.
  • Display list of categories on your Application
  • Search your eBay store items based on keywords.
  • Filter according to item types.
  • Has also Facebook Comments, Share, and Likes
  • Not necessary to log on Facebook to access the Admin Control Panel.

Value: $67


Exclusive Bonus:
FB Secret Viral Link 

Fb Secret Viral Link is a Facebook restricted content plugin to hide your special links. It lets visitors interact first with your post (like, comment or share) before it uncovers your link for access. So, basically, your audience must like, comment, or share your post to access it.

This tool will attract interactions by simply getting your audience’s attention and encourage them to interact with your contents.

How to use FB Secret Viral Link:

1) Fill in your post details, description, image, and tailor your posts so that they can attract your fans, generate more clicks, more interactions, etc.,

2) Users must comment or like to have access to the download link

3) Collect all your users Facebook info such as name, email, gender, etc., to increase your marketing list.

Value: $37


Value: $200


Value: $80


Value: $27


Value: $47


Value: $27

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