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This All-In-One Video Software Makes
Video Marketing Fun, Easy & Highly Profitable!

This is, hands down… the FASTEST way to create and rank your videos
On Multiple Platforms Including Google & Youtube!

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What Is Videtar?

Videtar is an all-in-one video marketing tool designed to make it easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to get traffic and make money with video.

Until now, creating videos, getting them ranked, and getting traffic with video was pretty complicated and time-consuming… …but that ends today.

This brand-new, cloud-based tool makes it easy to have videos posted and live-streaming getting you hundreds of top rankings in YouTube and Google fast and easily… …and the traffic you get is 100% FREE!

Within minutes from right now… Videtar will build you unlimited beautiful, keyword rich, traffic pulling marketing videos.

You’ll get access to all of the tools you need, in a beautifully step by step system so you can simply research for high converting keywords, click and create branded videos and unleash traffic to any page you want a rush of traffic to!

EXCLUSIVE Blaster members bonuses:

Bonus #1

EZ Video Profit Kit

Discover How Anyone Can Leverage Proven & Profitable Rapidly Deployable Videos You DON’T Need a Hollywood Degree to Produce

Bonus #2

EZ Rank Tracker Free Edition

The YouTube Video Tag Finder is a powerful desktop software that will let you grab the tags from any YouTube video you want. 

Bonus #3

Local Lead Beast 1.0

Newbie-Friendly Software Makes It Easy For ANYONE To

Bank $500-$1,000+ Per Month Per Local Business Client

Bonus #4

YT Stats Blaster

Get Videtar Right Now And

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