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Hollywood Style Facebook/YouTube Webinars  

That BOOST Traffic & Conversion 

At A Click Of A Button!

No Monthly Costs, Unlimited Hosts. Unlimited Webinars for Unlimited Profits

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What Is WebinarHD ?

WebinarHD Draws In Your Audience, Builds Your List, Converts Prospects Into Buyers, And Engages Like No Other Webinar Platform Out There, Leveraging Single Stream and Dynamic Layouts Technology, to create Engaging High Definition Video Streams That 


  • More Reliability with WebinarHD Single Stream Video Technology
  • More Traffic by Streaming Any Webinar LIVE to Facebook or YouTube!
  • More Engagement by choosing Your Favorite Broadcasting Layout By WebinarHD Montage Engine
  • More Hosts With Unlimited Presenters & Co-Hosts During Your Events
  • More Leads With Done4You Registration Funnel
  • More Relaxed With Automatic Email Notifications Sent to Attendees
  • More Awesome Playing Pre-Recorded or Any YouTube Videos During Live Sessions

EXCLUSIVE Blaster members bonuses:

Bonus #1

Personal Webinar Script Critique from Stoica – VALUE $1000

You send me a MAXIMUM 10 pages long script, I will print it, read it… read it again and after that, I will just create a google doc where I will write you all the suggestions.
It doesn’t matter if you are selling a software, a weight loss project… or you just want to sign HIGH TICKET local clients for your services…
I GUARANTEE you I can and will help you get the best feedback possible for your script
I will not pick on spelling or grammar mistakes, I will give you only valuable suggestions to make your script convert like crazy.

Looking forward to working with you!

Bonus #2

10 Steps Cheatsheet to write video and webinar scripts – VALUE $500

We used this exact script for multiple 6 figure launches and multiple webinars. THIS script does wonders!

Bonus #3

600 Niche Specific HD

Video Presenter Pack Bonus

Video Presenter pack that allows you to create 600+ niche specific videos.

Bonus #4

45+ Intro & Outro Videos

(With Agency Rights)

Use these professional spokesperson videos to start and

end your video. Light up any offer, and get the action you

desire from any hungry buyer!

Get WebinarHD Right Now And

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